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March 2 2018
GreatCall (creator)
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Corporate Video
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Seniors are Adapting to Technology and Living a Digital Lifestyle Technology plays an important role in the lives of senior citizens and it has greatly transformed the way Americans age today. Find out how 70-year-old Stella Star has adapted to technology and made it a part of her everyday life. Discover how it has made her life easier and more comfortable, made her feel safe and secure, and allows her to communicate with loved ones within seconds. Stella is looking forward to seeing how technology will continue to evolve, and is excited to see what the future holds.

As a company that creates products and services that work together to allow older adults to stay safe, connected, and healthy, at GreatCall we decided to tell their stories with the help of documentary filmmakers. To explain what aging in America means today, and how technology is impacting that journey.
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