Lively Wearable: Senior Fitness Tracker & Urgent Response Device in One | GreatCall

Publication/Creation Date
November 4 2016
GreatCall (creator)
Media Type
Corporate Video
Persuasive Intent
The Lively Wearable is a simple fitness tracker for seniors with a built-in discreet urgent response button that works directly with your smartphone. Just link the Lively Wearable to your smartphone using Bluetooth and you’ll be able to participate in daily activity challenges, or contact GreatCall’s 5Star Agents whenever help is needed. The Lively wearable fitness tracker for seniors features a sleek, waterproof design, fall detection, daily step counter, and a battery lasting up to six months
HCI Platform
Discursive Type
Location on Body
Wrist, Neck
Marketing Keywords
GreatCall, Lively, Bluetooth