How Augmented Reality Will Project A New World Onto Our Windshields

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April 11 2018
Theo Gibson (creator)
Isabel Pedersen (contributor)
Corbin Wyatt (contributor)
Ontario Tech University (contributor)
Hudly (contributor)
Toyota Motor Corporation (contributor)
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News Broadcast
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Will bringing more digital information to our displays make driving safer, or make us even more distracted?

Vice Motherboard interviews both Dr. Isabel Pedersen from the University of Ontario, Institute of Technology aand Corbin Wyatt from Hudly about possibilities for augmented reality (AR) heads-up displays in cars, as well as future applications for AR and the human body. 
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Location on Body
Eye, Not On The Body
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Motherboard, VICE, Toyota, Hudly

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April 14 2018
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June 18 2019
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