Should We Die?

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The Atlantic
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February 18 2017
Olga Khazan (creator)
Zoltan Istvan (contributor)
Melinda Hall (contributor)
Peter Thiel (contributor)
Sergey Brin (contributor)
Larry Page (contributor)
Larry Ellison (contributor)
Cynthia Kenyon (contributor)
Jim O’Neill (contributor)
Persuasive Intent
This article documents Zoltan Istan's Transhumanist presidential campaign as well as his life's mission to defy death with the use of futuristic technology, such as medical drugs or cryonics. For now, he just has a chip implanted in his hand that allows him to unlock his front door. 

Writer Olga Khazan also considers the philosophical and ethical implications of life extension, such as its impacts on human motivation and productivity, financial accessibility and economic inequality, and the dangers of trying to eliminate disabilities through technological enhancements. 
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April 10 2018
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April 10 2018
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