Beaver Fur Mitten, c. 1915

Beaver Fur Mitten, c. 1915
Artifact no. 2004.0009
Canada Science and Technology Museum

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Holt, Renfrew & Co. (creator)
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Graphical Image
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There are a host of wearable technologies on the market today—think SharkSkin wetsuits and Cheetah running blades—that take inspiration from animal biology. Rather than constituting a radical break with the past, however, these developments are better understood as an extension of the longstanding practice of re-purposing animal body parts for their unique physical characteristics and/or material properties. These winter mittens, for example, are made primarily of beaver fur—a pelt long-known for its warm, insulating qualities and resistance to moisture. Hand-crafted over a hundred years ago, these mittens could withstand sub-zero temperatures and damp conditions as well as some of best synthetic gloves available today.

Made in Quebec City, Quebec, Canada.
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Gloves, Waterproof
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Holt, Renfrew & Co.

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