This Technology Wants to Make Wheelchairs Obsolete | Cyborg Nation

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November 4 2015
Derek Muller (creator)
Ekso Bionics (contributor)
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[Video Description: This episode of Cyborg Nation discusses the history of exoskeletons, including General Electric's Hardiman from the 1960s, and introduces Ekso Bionics' mobile exoskeleton. 

The exoskeleton is demonstrated by Matt Tilford, a wheelchair user who was paralyzed after a car accident when he was 19-years-old. Matt is a test pilot for Ekso and is paired up with a physical therapist who fits him with the exoskeleton and assists with rehabilitation. The exoskeleton legs are the external support for him and distributes the weight of the device through the ground, allowing him to weight bear through his own bones. The hip and knee motors help power the legs and replicate the muscles. It is powered with lithium-ion batteries and a computer prosessing unit in the backpack.

Matt states that, "one of the things that I've learned from being in a wheelchair is that the world looks down at you, and people don't mean to, but you're not at eye level with anyone. So, when I'm in Ekso, I can stand and have a conversation eye-to-eye"].
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