Jibo Release Notes: v1.6.2

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My Jibo
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March 5 2018
Jibo (creator)
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With Jibo's latest update, Jibo will play a new game called "word of the day". Every day, Jibo will ask you if you'd like to learn a new word. He will provide a definition and ask you which of three words you think the definition belongs to.

This game opens up Jibo's ability to do two things: educate and socialize.

Learning new words from Jibo can be the beginning of very specialized learning. Being non-invasive and inherently engaging, Jibo provides the opportunity for both dialogic and tangential learning. Future updates may provide more advanced games or more specific education, allowing the user to interact with Jibo to learn about topics.

Jibo's expanded ability to educate further increases the number of ways we can interact with him. As a social robot, the way we interact with Jibo is important. Given a daily reason to interact with Jibo, in this case to learn a new word the user might not have known, makes Jibo's conversations more versatile. At the moment, Jibo is able to provide headlines of news stories but lacks in-depth coverage. Expanding on this, in addition to providing various avenues of learning, Jibo could become as much an educational tool as he is a means of achieving social interaction.

If Jibo, for example, is used in a nursing home he would be better able to interact with the elderly patients providing frequent interaction and opprotunity for learning about topics that interest the patients. Coupled with Jibo's screen, Jibo would be able to provide visuals to accompany his education, in a way becoming a fully interactable television, if not more.
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