Google’s first camera isn’t an evil all-seeing eye. Yet.

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Washington Post
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February 27 2018
Geoffrey Fowler (creator)
Google Inc. (contributor)
Elon Musk (contributor)
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Google's newest product, Google Clips, is a camera with a built in AI that uses machine learning to determine when to take a shot. Currently, the device is used to capture "cute" moments of children, dogs, and cats. In this article by the Washington Post, the Clips was used with cats to capture several minutes of short 7-second clips of cats at the KitTea Cat Cafe.

Questions about the direction and future ethicacy of this device are quite common, with prolific tech innovators like Elon Musk tweeting about it, stating that "This doesn't even *seem* innocent". While Google intends for this version of the device to only be focused on capturing cute moments, it leaves much to wonder about the possibility of further advancements such as automatically uploading to the cloud or violating its user's privacy.
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March 6 2018
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March 6 2019
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