Black Mirror Season 4 - Black Museum | Episode 6 | Official Trailer [HD] | Netflix

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Black Mirror
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November 29 2017
Charlie Brooker (creator)
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Television Show
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The "Black Museum" is a mostly abandoned building that houses a collection of dangerous technologies ("authentic criminal artifacts") that have been developed and used throughout the career of inventor, Rolo Haynes. Rolo receives a visitor named Nish who asks for a tour of the exhibit. As she walks through the room, we see some of the technologies that have been used in previous Black Mirror episodes, such as Robert Daly's digital cloning machine (which looks a bit like a 3D printer). Rolo begins to tell Nish the stories behind three of his inventions:

The first is the story about a doctor that receives a neurological implant that allows him to feel the physical pain of his patients, thus being able to diagnose them more accurately.

The second story revolves around a man whose wife goes into a coma shortly after the birth of their first child. Rolo convinces the husband to transfer his wife's consciousness into his own brain so that she can 'see' her child through his eyes. Her consciousness is later transferred to one of the child's toys, a teddy bear. 

The third story revolves around the (false) murder conviction of a Clayton Leigh, who is put on death row. After he is executed, Rolo has his consciousness uploaded into a digital clone or hologram projection, which he places in his museum as the "main attraction". In this exhibit, Clayton's hologram perpetually sits in an electric chair, while museum visitors can pull the lever to make him feel the pain of electrocution over and over again.
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