Black Mirror Season 4 - Arkangel - Official Trailer

Publication Title
Black Mirror
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November 25 2017
Charlie Brooker (creator)
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Television Show
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In Black Mirror's Season 4, Episode 2, "Arkangel" follows a mother and her deep desires to protect her daughter at all costs. Her fears are initially triggered after almost losing her daughter Sara at a playground, which prompts her to try out a new and controversial implantable brain chip technology that allows parents to track their children's whereabouts at all times using a tablet application. At first, Marie checks on Sara just to make sure she's safe, but it soon escalates to increasingly controlling tactics performed under the guise of protection, such as using the application to 'blur out' and censor objects in the environment that might scare Sara - literally altering her reality. But what happens when Sara grows up? 
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Head, Brain
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Black Mirror, Netflix

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February 28 2018
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June 21 2019
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