Under Armour's Olympic Speed Skating Suit Looks To Defeat Physics

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January 23 2018
Clay Dean (contributor)
Under Armour (contributor)
Elizabeth Stinson (creator)
Damien Maloney (contributor)
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THE SPEED SKATING suit has always been the technical marvel of the Winter Olympics. With high-tech fabrics and unusual construction, it’s designed to eek out every bit of athletic optimization. In a sport where a thousandth of a second can determine who gets a medal and who doesn’t, athletes rely on technology to give them an edge. "We’re trying to get the body to be more aerodynamic than it is in its natural state," says Clay Dean, chief innovation officer at Under Armour, the company behind the suit the US speed skating team will wear in PyeongChang this February.
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January 24 2018
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January 25 2018
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