Erica: Man Made

Publication Title
The Guardian
Publication/Creation Date
April 7 2017
Hiroshi Ishiguro (contributor)
Dylan Glas (contributor)
Ilinca Calugareanu (creator)
Mara Adina (creator)
Vernon Films (creator)
Media Type
News Broadcast
Persuasive Intent
Erica is 23. She has a beautiful, neutral face and speaks in synthesised voice. She has 20 degrees of freedom but can't move her hands yet. Hiroshi Ishiguro is her father and the bad boy of Japanese robotics. Together they will redefine what it means to be human and reveal that the future is closer than we might think.
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Location on Body
Not On The Body
Marketing Keywords
Chappie, Erica

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December 5 2017
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August 5 2019
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