The Rise of Conscious AI is Just Decades Away

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November 1 2017
Dom Galeon (creator)
Yann LeCun (contributor)
Manuel Cebrian (contributor)
Massachusetts Institute Of Technology (MIT) (contributor)
Pierre Barreau (contributor)
Aiva Technologies (contributor)
Luke Tang (contributor)
Ray Kurzweil (contributor)
Elon Musk (contributor)
Hanson Robotics (contributor)
Masayoshi Son (contributor)
Vernor Vinge (contributor)
New York University (NYU) (contributor)
Persuasive Intent
Today, many of the world’s leading companies are in a one-of-a-kind race: To bring artificial intelligence (AI) to life. Already, machine learning systems are the core of many businesses, so it’s no surprise that updates about this AI or that neural net often pop up on our newsfeed. Such headlines typically read along the lines of, “AI beats human players in video game” or “AI mimics human speech” and even sometimes things like “AI detects cancer using machine learning.”

But just how close are we to having machines with the intelligence of a human—machines that we can talk with and work with like we do any other individual? Machines that are conscious?
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