ADAM E2: The Mirror

Publication Title
OATS Studios
Publication Date
October 3 2017
Neill Blomkamp (creator)
Media Type
YouTube Clip
Persuasive Intent
Short film created by OATS Studios, owned by Neill Blomkamp, in conjunction with Unity Technologies. Incredible cinematic rendered in real-time using the game development software Unity, continues the tale of ADAM, one of many robots ousted from a city run by The Consortium for crimes against the government. Here it is revealed that the robots were once human, but had their memories erased and brains moved into a robotic shell, forced to wander in the wastelands until their battery depleted. Gathered by a mysterious man who provides them shelter, ADAM learns of his former life and the reason he ended up in his current predicament: treason and terrorism, with implied destruction of Consortium buildings.
HCI Platform
Discursive Type
Objects Of Allusions
Location on Body
Entire Body, Brain
Marketing Keywords
YouTube, Unity3D

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