Viktoria Modesta - Prototype

Publication/Creation Date
December 12 2014
Viktoria Modesta (creator)
Sophie De Oliveira Barata (contributor)
Saam Farahmand (creator)
Media Type
Musical Song
Persuasive Intent
[Video Description: the music video for Viktoria Modesta's song "Prototype" begins with the phrase, "forget what you know about disability". The video begins by showing Modesta sitting in an elevated throne. It then focuses on a little girl watching a cartoonized Betty-Boop version of Modesta with her spike bionic leg on a vintage T.V. The little girl is holding a plastic toy doll and rips off one of its legs in order to match Modesta's amputated leg. The video also features Modesta strutting around and dancing with her light-up bionic leg as well as extended dance scene featuring her laquered black spike leg. The video depicts Modesta as strong, powerful, influential, sexual, and confident. The video ends with the phrases, "some of us were born to be different", and "some of us were born to take risks".]
HCI Platform
Discursive Type
Location on Body
Feet, Leg

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October 12 2017
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August 6 2018
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