World’s First Bionic Pop Artist: You Should Be Able to Transcend Your Physical Body

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August 28 2017
Brad Bergan (creator)
Karla Lant (creator)
Donna Haraway (contributor)
Viktoria Modesta (contributor)
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[Image description: A still-image from Viktoria Modesta's music video "Prototype", where Modesta is standing in a room with dark brown walls. She has her light-up leg prosthetic on as well as high heels. Her arms are outstretched and her mouth is open. She is wearing a short, sheer silver outfit.]

Actress, composer, and self-described “bionic pop artist” Viktoria Modesta spoke to Futurism about the future of humanity and how, one day, she hopes we will have the ability to truly remake our physical forms to our choosing. She writes:

“It has been an interesting and challenging and strange kind of journey for me. I had to actively search for who I wanted to become, and the body just made it go to the next level.” She continues, “It’s interesting that a physical transformation for me, removing a limb, has pushed me into a direction where, probably because my body and identity were at the center of this kind of sci-fi concept, I now think that you should be able to shape everything…you should be able to transcend your physical body, and you should be able to recreate everything from the inside out.”
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October 12 2017
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October 2 2018
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