Publication Title
Bitch Magazine
Publication/Creation Date
July 18 2017
Liviu Babitz (creator)
Scott Cohen (creator)
Cyborg Nest (creator)
Mailee Hung (creator)
Neil Harbisson (contributor)
Moon Ribas (contributor)
Shawn Sarver (contributor)
Tim Cannon (contributor)
Rose Eveleth (contributor)
Persuasive Intent
The North Sense device looks as innocuous as it does inscrutable: translucent silicon, metal bits, a microchip. It’s tech for sure, but it’s not an extension for your phone or computer—it’s made to be an extension of your body. Using two barbell anchors, a common piece of jewelry for dermal implants, the North Sense is affixed to the skin, ideally somewhere on the upper chest, and vibrates whenever the user faces true north. Its creators, Liviu Babitz and Scott Cohen, believe that this “exo-sense” device is an enhancement that will lead to new experiences with and a deeper connection to the environment: “We know that there is more around us than our senses can detect,” they claim on their company website, Cyborg Nest. “We design new senses to sense some of this. The reason is simple. Adding more senses will make you smarter and result in a richer life experience.”
HCI Platform
Location on Body
Elbow, Finger, Skin, Eye, Genitals, Chest

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October 12 2017
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October 26 2017
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