World's first talking sex robot is ready for her close-up

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San Diego Union Tribune
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September 13 2017
Pam Kragen (creator)
San Diego Union Tribune (creator)
Matt McMullen (creator)
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News Broadcast
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Come January, the “Westworld” concept of lifelike sex robots will get one step closer. That’s when a San Marcos company will unveil Harmony, an anatomically correct sex doll with a patented animatronic talking head with programmable personality and memory.

News of creator Matt McMullen’s latest invention — he’s been making lifelike silicone sex dolls for 20 years — has created international media interest and a firestorm of criticism from ethicists and futurists who see a dark side to a sex doll that becomes more “human” with each technological innovation.
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October 9 2017
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May 30 2018
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