Could the Google Clips camera be used to spy on you? Google says no.

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Venture Beat
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October 7 2017
John Brandon (creator)
Chris Roberts (contributor)
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This might be a flashback to Google Glass. At an event in San Francisco this week,
Google announced a new camera you can “clip” onto anything, called Clips. Say you want to take photos at a birthday party. Just attach the camera to the back of a chair and let the machine learning take over. The camera can identify people and even snap photos when there’s a smiling birthday-candle-blowing kidlet in the scene, recording your memory forever.

Which all sounds great, except for the fact that this is the type of gadget that could be used for nefarious purposes. And it works autonomously, so you won’t really know that someone is taking pictures unless you see the camera itself making a noise or flashing a light.
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