Your Vagina Is Not A Machine

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July 25 2015
Rose Eveleth (creator)
Rudy Rucker (contributor)
Liz Miracle (contributor)
Brian Krieger (contributor)
Karianne Rønning Ellekrans (contributor)
Adam Scheuring (contributor)
Lancaster University (contributor)
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In the late ‘80s, mathematician and science writer Rudy Rucker popularized the term “wetware” to mean “the underlying generative code for an organism" — a.k.a. things like genes, the biochemistry of cells, and the architecture of a body’s muscles and bones. But in the years since, "wetware" has come to represent everything that is soft and squishy about humans: our brains, our health, our fleshy and fallible bodies. Of late, the notion that a human’s wetware is directly analogous to a computer’s software has gained traction in Silicon Valley. The results of this belief are unending attempts to replace, track, or supplement every aspect of our messy human lives with an app or device. 
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September 27 2017
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November 26 2018
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