Disney’s new short film before Moana goes inside the human body

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Entertainment Weekly
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November 18 2016
Marc Snetiker (creator)
Walt Disney Animation Studios (creator)
Leo Matsuda (creator)
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Feature Film
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Meet Paul. Paul is just like you, probably. He’s got a job, but maybe doesn’t get everything he wants out of it. He’s pragmatic and sensible, but maybe wishes he wasn’t so. He thinks outright and often of the future (particularly of all the ways simple missteps can kill him) but dreams of spending more time in the now.

He’s the animated star of Inner Workings, the new six-minute short film from Walt Disney Animation Studios, which will debut before its upcoming feature, Moana. Like the movie it precedes, Inner Workings tells the story of the ceaseless pull of the human heart — even as it works against the very stoic realism of the brain.
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September 23 2017
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September 23 2017
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