• Nostalgia™ Electrics: Our Story
Nostalgia™ Electrics: Our Story
Nostalgia™ Electrics: Our Story

Nostalgia™ Electrics: Our Story

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Nostalgia Products LLC (creator)
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Preserving The Past, Embracing The Present And Beyond

Nostalgia is defined as a longing for something past. Whether it’s that familiar comfort of our favorite childhood foods, a style from a bygone era, or a memory we have or wish we had, at Nostalgia Electrics we have a unique way of looking towards an innovative future while holding on to the best parts of what came before.

Since the inaugural launch of our Vintage Collection™ Old Fashioned Hot Air Popcorn Maker, we have made our mission simple – to introduce quality family fun and entertainment into our consumers’ everyday lives.

From our Vintage Collection™ inspired by early 19th century American designs, to our Retro Series™ of Americana inspired kitchen appliances, and to the timeless appeal of our Coca-Cola® line, we strive to offer quality, attention-grabbing products that surpass the typical standards of design and functionality.
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