Web90 - Patrimoine, Mémoires and History of the Web in the 1990s

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Mélanie Dulong De Rosnay (creator)
Fanny Georges (creator)
Hervé Le Crosnier (creator)
Stéphanie Le Gallic (creator)
Louise Merzeau (creator)
Francesca Musiani (creator)
Camille Paloque-Berges (creator)
Valérie Schafer (creator)
Benjamin Thierry (creator)
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Dedicated to French Heritage, Memories and History of the Web in the 90s, WEB90 focuses on a particular decade, in France as in several European countries, for digital networking and computing to the general public. How can we map the Web of the Nineties? Who were the key actors of its adoption and massification in France? What did Web browsing mean for Internet users of the Nineties? These questions, and many others, will be explored within the WEB90 project funded by the National Research Agency and through this academic blog.
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Internet, Digital Archives

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September 13 2017
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September 21 2017
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Mélanie Dulong de Rosnay, Fanny Georges, Hervé Le Crosnier, Stéphanie Le Gallic, Louise Merzeau, Francesca Musiani, Camille Paloque-Berges, Valérie Schafer, Benjamin Thierry. (2014). "Web90 - Patrimoine, Mémoires and History of the Web in the 1990s". Fabric of Digital Life. https://fabricofdigitallife.com/index.php/Detail/objects/2392