Emfit QS

Publication Date
April 24 2017
Emfit (creator)
Teemu Lemmettylä (contributor)
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Corporate Video
Persuasive Intent
Smart bed solution for active living, elder care and sleep research.

EMFIT QS® is a ballistograph. It records heart, breathing and body movement. The information collected is transmitted via Wi-Fi or cellular data connectivity and stored on our secure servers for you to easily access anytime, anywhere via the web. Available data contains for example sleep quantity and quality, heart-rate-variability (HRV), heart and breathing rates.

How does it work? Simply place our sensor under the mattress. There is nothing you need to turn on or off, or that needs to be attached to the body. There are no batteries to be changed or charged. It is autonomous and automatic; smartphone is not needed in it’s operation.
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Location on Body
Not On The Body
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WiFi, Emfit QS

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