Nimb: A Smart Ring that Helps to Keep You Safe and Sound

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November 9 2016
Leo Bereschansky (creator)
Nick Marshansky (contributor)
Kathy Roma (creator)
Alex Medvedev (contributor)
Dmitry Gordi (contributor)
Nimb (creator)
Media Type
Corporate Video
Persuasive Intent
The activist and spokeperson behind the Nimb personal safety ring shares the story that motivated her to become involved in promoting this technology. She discloses her experience of being violently attacked by a stranger, revealing the scars that it left on her body (*note that this graphic imagery may be triggering for other survivors). 

The technology and the app are then discussed more in depth by Nimb's founders. They showcase its use in different contexts and explain how it can help "make the world a safer place for everyone".
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Location on Body
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Nimb, Kickstarter

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June 6 2017
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July 31 2017
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