Lumo Run - Smart Running Sensor

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October 7 2015
Lumo Bodytech (creator)
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Corporate Video
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Introducing Lumo Bodytech's revolutionary smart running sensor to coach you to run faster, and farther. Proper form is essential to help runners achieve their personal performance goals and preventing injury, but it is a challenge to maintain, particularly on long runs. Lumo Run helps runners train the same way professional athletes do, with customized coaching and research grade insights. Its features include: Continuous biomechanic measurement of the factors most closely tied to running efficiency, including cadence, stride length, ground-contact time, and pelvic rotation, among others. Real-time audio feedback on performance delivered through a smartphone app.
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Location on Body
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Bluetooth, Lumo, Lumo Run

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May 29 2017
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September 20 2018
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