What Wearable Manufacturers Think Women Want

Publication Title
Publication/Creation Date
April 4 2016
Jacqueline Wernimont (creator)
Arizona State University (contributor)
New America (contributor)
Persuasive Intent
[The wearables] market thrives by suggesting that teched-up accessories and clothing offer users access to better knowledge, health, and style. But the style and knowledge on offer is highly gendered. While a woman can gather information on athletic performance and basic biometrics just like her male counterpart, she’s more likely to hear from companies that wearables can up her fashion quotient, help her coordinate an outfit, and let her know a loved one is thinking about her or how well her newborn is sleeping. Women’s wearables, small market that they are, remain firmly entrenched in old gender norms that suggest what women want and need is beauty, love, protection, and motherhood.
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