Scewo - Wheelchair Mobility of Tomorrow

Publication/Creation Date
January 28 2017
Scewo (creator)
Media Type
Corporate Video
Persuasive Intent
[Video Description: This video is an advertisement for the most recent prototype of the Scewo: an electric, stair-climbing wheelchair. The video simultaneously follows the days of a man who uses a wheelchair and a (seemingly) able-bodied woman. It shows clips of both people waking up and getting ready for the day (opening the curtains, drinking coffee). The man transfers from his manual wheelchair into the Scewo chair.

He leaves the house in his chair and she leaves her house on her bike. He comes across a large set of stairs and backs his chair against the first step in order to slowly climb them. He is smiling as his chair climbs to the top. He then reaches the streetcar and is able to climb onto it using the ramp built into his chair (the streetcar has a small step to get into it, which means that it is not accessible).

The woman parks her bike and steps onto the underground subway. We see her sitting and reading the newspaper while he reads the news on the smartscreen that is incorporated into arm of his chair. Both people exit public transportation and continue navigating the city. She walks up the stairs and he climbs multiple sets of stairs in his chair. They momentarily pass eachother and smile. They both reach the top of the building and come together to look down at the city from the rooftop.]
HCI Platform
Discursive Type
Location on Body
Entire Body
Marketing Keywords
Scewo, Scalevo

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