This real-life cyborg has an antenna implanted into his skull

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Business Insider
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March 3 2015
Neil Harbisson (creator)
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News Broadcast
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Artist and self-proclaimed cyborg Neil Harbisson was born with achromatopsia, a condition that leaves him with the inability to see any colors other than grayscale. Harbisson has adapted to his condition with a very creative solution; an antenna that allows him to "hear" color. The artist convinced a doctor to install the antenna to his skull in 2004. The antenna senses color through a camera on its front. It then transposes the color it senses into a high-frequency sound; different for each color; that Harbisson is able to hear through bone conduction.
HCI Platform
Location on Body
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Cyborg Foundation, Eyeborg, Bluetooth

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May 9 2017
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December 16 2019
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