Prana: Ultimate stress fighting wearable

Publication Title
Publication/Creation Date
April 30 2015
Prana (creator)
Andre Persidsky (creator)
Paul Abramson (creator)
Alex Ahlund (creator)
Media Type
Corporate Video
Persuasive Intent
Prana is a wearable that tracks your diaphragmatic breathing and posture from a single location on your waistband. The app has two different modes which aid this process. Its passive tracking mode gently notifies you when your breathing or posture can be improved, while its active training mode provides a funĀ and gamified way to retrain your breathing for rapid relief from stress and anxiety
HCI Platform
Discursive Type
Location on Body
Waist, Finger, Hand
Marketing Keywords
IOS, Android, Bluetooth

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May 8 2017
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November 30 2018
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