Inventum Bioengineering Technologies: HEAVEN and GEMINI

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Inventum Digital, Inc.
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Sergio Canavero (contributor)
Alexander Pavlovcik (contributor)
Inventum Bioengineering Technologies (creator)
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Corporate Video
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In preparing the patient for transitioning into a new body, virtual reality (VR) training will be used before the surgical procedure to prevent the occurrence of unexpected psychological reactions. Inventum Bioengineering Technologies is combining the latest advancements in virtual reality to develop the world’s first protocol for preparing the patient for bodily freedom after the transplantation procedure. The patient will engage in VR experiences that will involve activities requiring the use of bodily movements. These experiences are developed by referring to techniques used in conventional neurorehabilitation for the purpose of providing the most realistic sensations involved in voluntary motor functions. The patient will engage in VR training several months before the commencement of the HEAVEN procedure in order to sufficiently prepare for the normalcy of life in a new body.
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Entire Body, Head
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Virtual Reality (VR), Headset, Harness

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March 7 2017
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April 19 2017
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