This Smart Vest Lets the Deaf 'Hear' With their Skin

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October 9 2016
Dr. David Eagleman (creator)
Scott Novich (creator)
Rice University (contributor)
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This article adresses the work of Stanford neuroscientist Dr. David Eagleman as he attempts to push sensory substitution into the field of hearing. With graduate student Scott Novich and students at Rice University, his team developed a VEST — Versatile Extra-Sensory Transducer V— that, true to its name, a deaf person wears to “feel” speech.

The article's tagline is: "What if, instead of trying to replace a lost sense, we could redirect it to another sense? What if, instead of listening, we could understand the auditory world by feeling it on our skin? And what if, using the same principles, we could add another channel to our sensory perception and broaden our reality?"
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Location on Body
Abdomen, Waist
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Bluetooth, BrainPort

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February 5 2017
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September 26 2018
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