New Smart Glove Turns Sign Language into Text and Speech

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Fash Nerd
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May 30 2016
Hadeel Ayoub (creator)
Fash Nerd (creator)
Muchaneta Kapfunde (creator)
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Computational Arts graduate Hadeel Ayoub recently had a breakthrough in communication for people with disabilities with her wireless wearable SignLanguageGlove. The glove's cicuit is comprised of flex sensors, and accelerometer, a microcontroller board, and four digit graphic numerical display capable of translating sign language gestures into visual words and displaying them onto the screen. Ayoub is currently working on a fourth prototype which would connect with a smartphone and tablet app which could recieve the glove's output over WiFi.  
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Hadeel Ayoub, Fash Nerd, Muchaneta Kapfunde. (May 30 2016). "New Smart Glove Turns Sign Language into Text and Speech ". Fash Nerd. Fabric of Digital Life.