Passthoughts Authentication with Low Cost EarEEG

Publication/Creation Date
Max T. Curran (creator)
Jong-kai Yang (creator)
Nick Merrill (creator)
John Chuang (creator)
University Of California, Berkeley (contributor)
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Journal Article
Persuasive Intent
"Personal and wearable computing devices are moving toward
smaller sized or altogether absent display space and
input methods aimed at simplified and effortless interactions.
To maintain their utility, these devices allow access to personal
and potentially sensitive information, therefore their security
should also be at the forefront of necessary considerations. In
this research, we explore earEEG as an authentication method
with the potential to combine powerful protection, unobtrusive
interaction, and a high degree of usability."
HCI Platform
Discursive Type
Location on Body
Brain, Ear

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Contemporary Telepathics
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January 7 2017
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January 7 2017
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Max T. Curran, Jong-kai Yang, Nick Merrill, John Chuang. (2016). "Passthoughts Authentication with Low Cost EarEEG". IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society (EMBC'16). Fabric of Digital Life.