Optical Lens Technology Has Its Eye on Us

Optical Lens Technology has its Eye on Us

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Fast Nerd
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April 11 2016
Novartis (creator)
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Sergey Brin (contributor)
Samsung (creator)
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Optical lens technology has stepped up its game. With Novartis Chief Joe Jimenez quoted saying that “The Google contact lens will be in humans this year!” The endeavours of Google and healthcare specialist Novartis have been grabbing the headlines. Since partnering up with Google, Novartis has been busy developing a contact lens that focuses on the treatment of presbyopia, a long-sightedness illness caused by loss of elasticity of the lens of the eye. Typically occurring in middle and old age, the lens has been designed to help restore the eye’s natural autofocus.
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November 14 2016
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October 17 2019
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