LabCAST 77: bioLogic

Publication Title
MIT Media Lab
Publication/Creation Date
October 29 2015
Lining Yao (contributor)
New Balance (contributor)
BioLogic (creator)
Royal College Of Art (contributor)
Wen Wang (contributor)
Guanyun Wang (contributor)
Helene Steiner (contributor)
Chin-Yi Cheng (contributor)
Jifei Ou (contributor)
Oksana Anilionyte (contributor)
Massachusetts Institute Of Technology (MIT) (contributor)
Hiroshi Ishii (contributor)
MIT Tangible Media Group (contributor)
Media Type
Web Series
Persuasive Intent
In an era where bio is the new interface, we are imagining a world where actuators and sensors can be grown rather than manufactured, and derived from nature as opposed to engineered in factories. bioLogic is a synthetic bio-skin that reacts to body heat and sweat via these living actuators.
HCI Platform
Discursive Type
Location on Body
Entire Body