Weaving Electronic Circuit Into TwoLayer Fabric

Publication/Creation Date
September 9 2015
Maija Fagerlund (contributor)
Jussi Mikkonen (creator)
Emmi Pouta (creator)
LeeLuu Labs Inc. (contributor)
Aalto University (contributor)
Persuasive Intent
From Aalto University's School of Arts, Design and Architecture, this paper describes the creation of a woven two-layer fabric, created using two-warp system. The fabric is designed to contain components inside the two layers, with the power supply signals on top- and bottom- layers. The surface mounted components are prepared for weaving by adding long insulated threads, to be partially removed accordingly just before integrating to the fabric. The final fabric contains a working circuit for detecting magnetic fields as an example implementation.
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November 8 2015
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October 29 2018
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