WISEglass: Multi-purpose Context-aware Smart Eyeglasses

Publication/Creation Date
September 11 2015
ACTLab (contributor)
University Of Passau (contributor)
WISEglass (creator)
Florian Wahl (creator)
Martin Freund (creator)
Oliver Amft (creator)
Persuasive Intent
We extend regular eyeglasses with multi-modal sensing and processing functions for context awareness. Our aim was to leverage eyeglasses as a platform to acquire and process context information according to the wearer’s needs. The eyeglasses provide inertial motion, environmental light, and pulse sensors, data processing and wireless functionality, besides a rechargeable battery. We implemented prototypes of the smart eyeglasses and evaluated recognition performance in a study of daily activities with nine participants. The accuracy of recognising nine activity clusters from the smart eyeglasses motion sensors was 77% on average, confirming the benefit of smart eyeglasses for context-aware applications.
HCI Platform
Discursive Type
Location on Body
Eye, Face

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October 14 2015
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October 31 2018
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