Diri - the Actuated Helium Balloon: A Study of Autonomous Behaviour in Interfaces

Publication/Creation Date
September 9 2015
Open Lab (contributor)
Newcastle University (contributor)
Diana Nowacka (creator)
Nils Y. Hammerla (creator)
Chris Elsden (creator)
Thomas Plotz (creator)
David Kirk (creator)
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Journal Article
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Research on actuated interfaces has shown that people respond in certain socialized ways to interfaces that exhibit autonomous behaviours. We wished to explore the elements of design that drive people to regard an autonomous, interactive system as a social agent. To explore perceptions of autonomous behaviour in interfaces we created Diri - an autonomous helium balloon, used to document activity in spaces. We implemented two different technological sophistications of Diri, to compare the outcomes of our design decisions. We present our design process, technical details and evaluation workshops, concluding with implications for designing for autonomous behaviour in interfaces.

Presented at the Interacting with Animals and Flying Robots Panel Session, UBICOMP 2015.
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October 5 2015
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February 24 2019
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Diana Nowacka, Nils Y. Hammerla, Chris Elsden, Thomas Plotz, David Kirk. (September 9 2015). "Diri - the Actuated Helium Balloon: A Study of Autonomous Behaviour in Interfaces". 2015 ACM International Joint Conference on Pervasive and Ubiquitous Computing (UbiComp 2015). International Joint Conference On Pervasive And Ubiquitous Computing. Fabric of Digital Life. https://fabricofdigitallife.com/index.php/Detail/objects/1262