Introducing the Biometric Storyboards Tool for Games User Research

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IEEE Xplore
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October 22 2015
Lennart Nacke (contributor)
Pejman Mirza-Babaei (creator)
Lennart Nacke (creator)
University Of Ontario Institute Of Technology (contributor)
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Journal Article
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In this paper, a tool that facilitates GUR is presented with a method called Biometric Storyboards (BioSt). The tool allows GUR professionals to visualize relationships between changes in a player's physiological state, a player's self-reported experience, and in-game events. This paper focuses on the BioSt development stages and the final BioSt tool that we present to facilitate the creation implementation of BioSt and its analysis procedure.
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August 26 2015
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November 28 2018
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