MIT Camera Culture Group Develops The ‘eyeSelfie’ To Help Monitor Eye Health

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The Boston Globe
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August 5 2015
Ramesh Raskar (contributor)
MIT Media Lab (contributor)
Tristan Swedish (contributor)
Joi Ito (contributor)
Dr. Vincent Patalano (contributor)
Vijee Venkatraman (contributor)
Massachusetts Institute Of Technology (MIT) (contributor)
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Researchers at the Camera Culture Group, headed by Ramesh Raskar at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Media Lab, have developed eyeSelfie, a low-cost, handheld device for taking images of the retina, optic nerve, and vasculature. "The eyeSelfie makes retinal self-imaging possible for the first time," says Tristan Swedish, an MIT graduate student who will be demonstrating the prototype at SIGGRAPH 2015, which takes place next week in Los Angeles. The eyeSelfie, which works like a point-and-shoot camera, helps users align their gaze to enable them to take clear retinal selfies. As users peer into the interactive device, they get visual cues in the form of small red lights. Initially, they see four specks of light laid out like the tips of a diamond; if they bring the eyeSelfie closer, they see another set of dots that appear like a diamond within a diamond. When everything is aligned correctly, a ninth dot appears at the center, which is the user's cue to press the click button and take a snapshot of the interior of the eye. Experts can then evaluate the retinal selfie. In a study, the effectiveness of the device was tested on 10 volunteers, most of whom were able to successfully use the imaging technique within 10 minutes, according to the researchers.
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