Minority Report - Content Agility

Publication Title
Minority Report
Publication Date
June 19 2002
Steven Spielberg (contributor)
Gerald R. Molen (contributor)
Bonnie Curtis (contributor)
Walter F. Parkes (contributor)
Jan De Bont (contributor)
Scott Frank (contributor)
Jon Cohen (contributor)
Philip K. Dick (creator)
John Williams (contributor)
Janusz Kaminski (contributor)
Michael Kahn (contributor)
Ziegfeld Theatre (contributor)
Amblin Entertainment (contributor)
Cruise/Wagner Productions (contributor)
Steven Spielberg (creator)
Media Type
Feature Film
Persuasive Intent
In the 2002 film Minority Report we see video conferencing, gesture-based user interfaces and predictive crime fighting.
HCI Platform
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Objects Of Allusions
Location on Body
Finger, Hand