Mind Control: Introducing BrainGate

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World Science Festival
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March 11 2015
John Donoghue (contributor)
The Big Idea Series (contributor)
John Templeton Foundation (contributor)
WNYC (contributor)
John Hockenberry (contributor)
Brown Institute For Brain Science (contributor)
Jeffrey M. Stibel (creator)
Brown University (contributor)
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Video Lecture
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Moving objects with one's mind is the fodder of sci-fi, magic tricks, and futuristic visions. But John Donoghue explains how, in some ways, such dreams are a reality. He's developing revolutionary technology that "reconnects the brain to the outside world" in patients who are completely paralyzed. Using transplants that detect thoughts and translate them into actionable bits of code, the pioneering neuroscientist describes a new era in which mind and machine are interacting in surprising ways—from playing Pong to completing complex daily actions, just by thinking about it. This program is part of The Big Idea Series, made possible with support from the John Templeton Foundation.
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Location on Body

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July 9 2015
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August 31 2018
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