Hoverbikes for U.S. Military

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June 23 2015
Malloy Aeronautics (contributor)
U.S. Department Of Defence (contributor)
SURVICE Engineering Co. (contributor)
Grant Stapleton (contributor)
Defense News (contributor)
Military Times (contributor)
U.S. Army Research Laboratory (contributor)
Chris Malloy (creator)
Aerofex (contributor)
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Malloy Aeronautics launched a successful Kickstarter campaign in 2014, raising more than $124,000 by selling 1/3-scale model hoverbike drones to help fund the construction of a full-scale hoverbike prototype. The vehicle is expected to fly up to 2,700 metres above the ground carrying up to 113 kilograms.
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Hoverbike, Drones, Quadrocopter

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June 26 2015
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June 26 2015
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