Wearable technology: Canada emerging as a global leader

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May 29 2015
Kate Hartman (contributor)
Daniel Schwartz (creator)
Mary Margaret (contributor)
Noble Sky (contributor)
James Hagarty (contributor)
Rhonda Lucy (contributor)
Tom Emrich (contributor)
Hadi Salah (contributor)
Stephane Marceau (contributor)
Frederic Chanay (contributor)
Karl Martin (contributor)
Ariel Garten (contributor)
Chris Aimone (contributor)
Trevor Coleman (contributor)
Félix Lajeunesse (contributor)
Paul Raphael (contributor)
Blair Renaud (contributor)
J. Lee Williams (contributor)
OMsignal (contributor)
Bionym (contributor)
Interaxon (contributor)
Félix & Paul Studios (contributor)
Occupied VR (contributor)
WaveDNA (contributor)
Sulon Technologies (contributor)
Hexoskin (contributor)
MaRS Discovery District (contributor)
OCAD University (contributor)
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Press Release
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OmSignal, Bionym and InteraXon are companies to watch for as Canada is an emerging country for wearable technology.
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Head, Brain