Barbie Digital Dress

Publication/Creation Date
August 1 2011
Mattel (creator)
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Corporate Video
Persuasive Intent
Everyone knows that Barbie has the kind of star power that lights up a room. Now she does it for real. The Barbie Digital Dress is a Barbie doll with a lot of charged-up glamour. This sensational little black dress is really a design palette that lets kids create all kinds of fun light-up animations on the dress itself. The jewels in Barbie's necklace control the play. Press any jewel to reveal the palette. Then select a color and start to draw. Press the purple jewel to go back and add more colors. When you're done with your design, press and hold the purple jewel until you see the sparkle design and it will be saved. Barbie can hold up to 40 different designs, and that's a lot of wardrobe changes even for Barbie. As you're working, if you decide you want to start over, press the blue and purple jewels at the same time to clear the current design. You can also enter alphabet mode. Tape the A on the palette and start spelling out whatever you want. You have to hold Barbie sideways to do this, but you can create a scrolling message easily and quickly.
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Location on Body

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