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December 1 2014
CarePredict (creator)
Satish Movva (creator)
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Corporate Video
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Tempo monitoring and alert system uses innovative sensor technology to non-invasively track and record seniors’ day-to-day activities of life and let their children, loved ones and caregivers know when those patterns change. Tempo empowers seniors to stay safe and comfortable in their own homes, and gives their loved ones the peace of mind of knowing help is always just a push notification away. Tempo monitors motion (walking, sitting, lying down), location (bedroom, living room, bathroom, kitchen etc.) and activities (cooking, eating, sleeping, bathing etc.) to create a map of of your loved one’s day-to-day habits. Tempo even picks up on subtler, more gradual changes—like slower motion, more time spent sitting down, or cooking less often—that can often be indicators of a change in quality of life or even underlying medical conditions.
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Tempo, CarePredict

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February 27 2015
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July 5 2021
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