North Paw Directional Anklet Kit from ThinkGeek

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North Paw
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February 26 2013
ThinkGeek (creator)
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Corporate Video
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The North Paw Directional Anklet Kit goes on your ankle. It has a compass module which powers 8 pager vibrating motors which surround your leg. Whichever direction magnetic north is, that's which motor vibrates. So, wearing your North Paw Directional Anklet will allow your brain to always know where magnetic north is. Eventually, your brain begins to tune out the vibration (your brain tends to quiet constant stimuli from your conscious mind) and you just "know" where north is.
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Compass Navigation, Pager, Vibration
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ThinkGeek, North Paw

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February 26 2015
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July 5 2021
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