Vert. Now every jump gets measured!

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December 12 2012
Vert (creator)
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Corporate Video
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“Vert is a device worn near the waist of an athlete that measures your vertical jump and transmits the data to a smartphone or tablet. You can see all jump measurements immediately on the vert device and simultaneously on an iOS smartphone or tablet with the downloadable vert app or vertcoach app. Both apps provide social integration allowing athletes (and coaches) to analyze, challenge, complete, compare and share skills. What was traditionally available with special stationary equipment to determine jump measurement, can now be done anywhere, anytime in real time.” – Vert
HCI Platform
Relation to Body
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Abdomen, Waist
Marketing Keywords
Vert, Android, CES 2015 , Bluetooth 4.0

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February 4 2015
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July 5 2021
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