Virtual Projection: Exploring Optical Projection as a Metaphor for Multi-Device Interaction

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University of Munich
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January 18 2012
University Of Munich (contributor)
University Of Calgary (contributor)
Columbia University (contributor)
Dominikus Baur (contributor)
Sebastian Boring (contributor)
Steven Feiner (contributor)
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Video Lecture
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Virtual Projection is a joint research project of the University of Munich (LMU), the University of Calgary and Columbia University by Dominikus Baur, Sebastian Boring, and Steven Feiner. It was presented at the CHI 2012 conference held in May in Austin, TX, USA. Virtual Projection leverages the idea of bringing optical projection to digital surfaces, thus making it just as easy to temporarily transfer information from a phone to a larger display. As virtual projections are only simulated, we can overcome some of the restrictions of their real-world inspiration. We can freely adjust distortion and transformation depending on the application's needs, as well as fix virtual projections to the display and create multiple ones at the same time.
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Maps , Projection
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CHI 2012, Googla, Apple, IPhone, IOS

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July 5 2021
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